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Ciao Bella

In the heart of Little Italy, Elena, a pretty and enthusiastic young woman, lives with her parents, just like all "proper" unmarried Italians. Her family wants nothing but the best for her. She has a good job in a construction company; therefore, she is completely autonomous, financially speaking. She is still single, but fully expects to get married one day. In short, she feels that she has everything she could hope for. Until she gets into an accident – and begins to want more… The only problem is that while she knows that she wants more, and is quite aware of what she no longer desires, she is still unsure of what would make her happier. And finding out will be easier said than done.

Screenplay : Steve Gallucio

​Director : Patrice Sauvé / Jean-François Asselin

Producers : Josée Vallée / André Béraud

Diffusion : Radio-Canada / CBC

The Curse

The Deal with God

Ciao Bello




Mélanie Auclair : Voix / Violoncelle

Carl Bastien : Piano

Michel Dubeau : Clarinette

Danielle Plamondon : Orgue

Martin Roy : Contrebasse

Luc Sicard : Guitare / Percussions


Mixage : Edouard Dumoulin

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